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We provide Accident and Incident Investigation service, supporting you company’s needs. All reporting is done in accordance with OSHA regulations and your company’s policies.


Incident Investigations

Getting to the root cause of an incident is important for any business. Identifying the wrong cause will allow a similar incident to occur again. We can assist your incident investigation team by providing unbiased views that might be due to complacency.

Your Employees Deserve to Be Trained and Protected

Accident/Incident investigation and analysis is a means used to prevent future accidents by determining root cause. As such, the investigation or analysis must produce information leading to corrective actions to prevent or reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. Division One Safety will assist in this investigation to create appropriate corrective actions and determine root cause so future incidents can be controlled or eliminated. 
All accidents/incidents should be investigated, regardless of severity of injury or amount of property damage. Every accident, even near misses, provides the opportunity to discover new ways to improve a safety program. Frequency builds severity. The extent of the investigation depends on the outcome or potential outcome of the accident. For purposes of accident prevention, Safety Resources investigates for fact finding, not fault finding. 

Division One Safety combines the expertise and capabilities of our staff to provide your company with a root cause to your accident or incident. 

A good return to work program is key and DOS provides effective tools to reach this common goal. Division One Safety strives to facilitate the earliest possible return of injured employees to the workplace, and we educate our customers on the benefits of returning to work in a timely manner.  

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Don’t Wait For An Accident To Happen To Realize Where You Can Improve.


Why Conduct an investigation?

Implement strategies for controlling and eliminating future accidents.


Reduces the likelihood of fraudulent claims.

Saves on hiring and training replacement employees.

Facilitates employer/ employee contact, giving the employer more control and direction, leading to a more positive resolution.


Increases self-esteem, minimizing feeling of guilt for having been injured.

Promotes better morale among all workers.

Reduces the negative financial impact many injured workers experience due to lost time.

If you need more information on them, our team can help assist you and ensure that your workplace has precisely what you need to succeed.

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