Safety  Audits  

Whether you want to prepare for a potential OSHA inspection, improve your safety program or review your safety and health management system, Division One Safety can provide expert safety audits conducted by our highly professional, educated, and certified staff.

Benefits of safety audits

Avoid potential OSHA and other regulatory violations.

We serve clients large and small in all industries, from manufacturing and industrial to construction and retail. Our safety audits are tailored to your specific needs, scheduled at your convenience, and can be either announced or unannounced.
We provide professional summary reports based on our independent third-party perspective, including recommendations and corrective actions, as requested.

OSHA Compliance Based (Mock OSHA Inspection)

  • We conduct the audit just as OSHA would conduct an inspection
  • Our focus is just on OSHA compliance
  • Our audit includes reviewing OSHA-required recordkeeping

General “Walk Around” Safety and Health

  • We focus on specific facilities, projects and/or locations
  • We review items outside of just OSHA compliance
  • We look at cultural issues, industry best practices, consensus standards, life safety, OSHA compliance, fire safety, company specific rules, OSHA-related environmental matters
  • We determine if company policies are being followed

Safety and Health Management System

  • We review your safety and health program and policies
  • We review your entire safety and health management system hierarchy
  • We review publications and communications
  • We review the revision, training, and updating processes

Specific Process Audit

  • We review specific tasks or processes
  • We review process safety management

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The purpose of this is to identify potentially costly violations but also to make sure your employees are working safely.

Improve on-site safety buy- in and encourage feedback from personnel.

Safety Audits

Division One Safety will team with your project and/or facilities management team to provide a comprehensive audit of the ongoing activities of your personnel, subcontracted workforce and general site/facility conditions at your project/facility. Our goal is to encourage and educate to ensure employees buy-in to safety and to foster a relationship that encourages compliance and safe behaviors.

Our expertise enables us to identify potential risks and communicate them to your management and personnel to achieve the appropriate balance required between production and safety.

Division One Safety combines our staff expertise, capabilities and understanding of "the business of safety" to provide your company with practical risk management solutions. Our unique capabilities rest upon the collective experience of our safety professionals who have represented construction companies working in various trades and contractual roles as well as various types of manufacturing and service industries.

If you need more information, our team can help assist you and ensure that your workplace has precisely what you need to succeed.

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